How often do you mail a letter? It seems like mailing letters and cards now a days is a rarity. I was never very good at mailing anything even my bills. Remember when you use to have to mail your bills. You knew if you post marked them the day they were due it counted as being on time even though the check you mailed would most likely take two additional weeks to clear the bank. Those were the good old days.

But seriously, do you even know how much a postage costs for a first class letter? I actually didn't until I started this blog and looked it up. The reason I didn't know and you probably don't either is because of the "Forever Stamp". The Forever Stamp was introduced to the mailing public in order to keep us from having to buy 1 cent and 2 cent stamps every time the price of a stamp went up and we hadn't used all of our current stamps. It was also marketed as a way to buy stamps in bulk ahead of a price increase therefore saving us money. I will admit I fell for that a few times.

So what does it cost to mail a letter? The answer - 50 cents. And yes it went back up after it had gone back down. It was 49 cent then dropped to 47 cents and now it has gone back up.

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