I can’t tell you how many times over the past few months somebody has mentioned that they got great pizza right on the Rail Trail in Rosendale. I saw one of my chef friends mention it on Facebook a couple of months ago, and another friend was talking about it just the other day. They both were raving about the food, especially the pizza. What is this mysterious hidden pizza place?

I decided to google “pizza place on the Rail Trail” And it came right up. The Rail Trail Cafe. A restaurant in the middle of a hike on the Rail Trail? Awesome! And here’s the thing… it’s a whole lot more than a pizza place. According to their website, this little cafe in the middle of the woods uses locally sourced products and their menu changes with the seasons. And they do have what looks like incredible wood-fired pizza.

The Rail Trail Cafe is really starting to pique my interest. Not only do they use local farms to get the food to make their menu, not only do they have those pizzas that everyone is raving about in addition to salads, baked goods, and other hand held foods, they also have music through mid October featuring the best in local folk, jazz, world music and more. Check out the website for the schedule.

The Rail Trail Cafe is open Friday - Sunday from 9AM - 7PM, and on Thursdays the food cart with a lighter menu is available from 9AM - 6PM. I just can’t get over the fact that there is a hidden gem like this right on the Rail Trail. And if you’re making the trip, make sure to leave time to check out the Town of Rosendale. They’ve got some fun events going on through the year like the Rosendale Street Festival and the Pickle Festival, and some very cool local shops.

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