The book that chronicled your life from the beginning.

I know that back when I was just a young pup, my mom and grandma took serious pride in making sure that my baby book was filled out to perfection. When I came across mine a few months ago it was crazy how much stuff they put in there.

There were pictures from almost all my birthday parties until I was like 6 or 7, a few report cards and a bunch of other things that made me, me including a few strands of hair from my first haircut.

I asked Jess to see if she could find her book and she told us that her mom did not one, but TWO of them! She said one of the books had actually had a piece of her umbilical cord in it. Wait...WHAT! I don't know about you but that seems a bit much to me! EWWWWW. LOL!

What are some of things that you have in your baby book? We had a bunch of parents say that they have kept all kinds of things including stitches, teeth and one mom put her sons tubes from his ears in his book.

If you have kids, did you do a book for your kids? Call or text us through the Wolf app and be listening all morning for your comments.

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