Do you have any advice for this wedding guest?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we transform the studio into an impromptu therapy office. We dim the lights, light a candle and do our best, with your help to help out a fellow Wolf listener with a issue they are having a hard time with.

Some weeks the situation is really serious, others not so much. This week Vanessa sent us an urgent (as she put it) email looking for some advice about an upcoming wedding that she has been invited to.

She wrote, "I listen to you guys every day on my hour commute and I love Email Wednesday, but this is the first time I felt like I had a question to actually ASK. I know this isn't a big deal, but I am so curious what you and your listeners will say.

Do you still give a GIFT at a destination wedding? My husband and I are going to my good friend's destination wedding in January and I have no idea what is expected. Do people give a typical cash gift like they would give to go to a wedding in town?

Or is a cash gift not expected since you're paying so much money to travel to celebrate with them? I don't want to sound cheap, but the trip is costing us a fortune and I wonder what people do? Maybe couples who have had destination weddings might want to share what they received to give us an idea?

Thanks so much!"

Both Jess and I agree that whenever you are invited to something you should almost always bring at least, a little something, right? I don't think I could show up without giving the couple something. I think I would bring something kitchen related, like a good ice cream scooper. Maybe a heated one...LOL.

Do you bring a gift to a destination wedding? If yes, what is an acceptable gift? Have you ever been to a destination wedding? What gift did you give? So many questions. LOL! Call or text us to help out Vanessa.

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