If you're like me, then you're probably getting into curling again during the current winter Olympics.

Every four years there seems to be one event that completely captures the imagination of us watching the Winter Olympics, and that's curling.

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I'm still trying to figure out what the big attraction is, but every time I switch to see what's happening at the Olympics, if curling is on, then I'm hooked.

It might have something to do with how similar curling is to a lot of other sports we enjoy. It's kind of like shuffle board on ice, but yet it has the strategy of chess, and if you like your sport on ice, it's got that too.

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Alright enough about watching the game, where do you go if you actually want to take a stab at the sport yourself? Well according to newstimes.com, there are 3 curling clubs in Connecticut that you can join. They even offer curling leagues, and of course learning events so you'll know exactly what your doing.

First off there's the Bridgeport’s Nutmeg Curling Club which will get you totally up to speed on the sport with their "Learn To Curl" events. You spend about an hour getting totally schooled on the sport, and then your ready to try your hand at it.

According to one of the clubs directors, once the Olympics start, enrollment in their classes skyrockets, so if you're interested I would get signed up as soon as possible.

One of the other local curling clubs is located in Litchfield County and it's called the Norfolk Curling Club. They are celebrating their 65th anniversary, and also offer "Learn to Curl" events. Plus they also have a five week long spring league and anyone, even if you have little or no curling experience, is encouraged to join.

Finally there's the Hartford Curling Club which operates out of the Newington Arena, and they are also accepting new members. They are a non-profit organization and are dedicated to developing, promoting, and encouraging the traditions and spirit of the Olympic Sport.

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So now there's no excuse not to get off the couch, pick up up your sweeper and your stone, and get started on a new adventure, learning and actually playing the sport of curling. Who knows, you may actually be Olympic caliber.

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