Get ready to pay more for online and in-store purchase deliveries in New York State.

Like things aren't expensive enough these days...

Everywhere you go, everyone complains about the high costs of products. I was at a pizza shop the other day, and a guy ordered a slice of pizza which he proceeded to complain about after he found out the price.

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It was $3.50 for a slice, and the guy stood there and was like, "Wow! Really?" As he pulled out his wallet and had several one-hundred dollar bills clearly visible. Seems like no matter how much money you have, someone will find a reason to complain. I told the guy that the days of the $1 slice of pizza are long gone, time to get over it.

Times are tough for many people these days. And as inflation skyrockets, consumers have no choice but to pay more for the products they want.

According to a report, The New York State Assembly's 2023-24 budget proposal includes a potential increase in shipping costs statewide and a delivery fee is set to be applied under the proposal.

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How Much of a Delivery Fee Are We Talking?

Here's what it means for the consumer. One can expect a 25-cent fee to be applied to any delivery transaction in the state of New York, with exemptions made for food, medicine, diapers and baby formula. The collected fees would reportedly be spent on transit systems within the state. The new fee would go into effect beginning September 1, 2023.

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How will the new proposed fee affect your way of shopping? Will the delivery fee make you have to scale back on your online and in-store delivery purchases? You've got about 6 months until it kicks in, so some time to think about any changes you may need to make to your shopping routine.

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