Have you ever seen a baby animal in the wild? We can all agree that they're adorable, but it's sad to see them wandering alone.

Your first thought may be to rescue the baby all by its lonesome, but New York State officials are saying otherwise.

DEC: "If You Care Leave It There"

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is making sure we are staying away from young wildlife.

They explain that while we may think the animal has been abandoned, that's usually not the case. The DEC writes:

People occasionally find young wildlife and mistakenly assume it has been abandoned, which is rare. The best thing to do if you come across young wildlife is to keep them wild.

For instance, the DEC states that fawns should be left alone as in don't feed them or move it from its location. The reasoning? If "human presence is detected" by the mother, they may delay their visit with the fawn to nurse.

The DEC goes on to write:
Remember to enjoy wildlife from a safe distance and never touch or pick up newborn fawns and other young wildlife.

Most Dangerous Animals in New York State?

Now that we've learned to leave injured animals alone...there's a good chance you wouldn't pick up any of these creatures crawling around New York State whether they are healthy or injured.

Take a look at some of the most dangerous animals across the Empire State below:

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Moving from wildlife to domestic animals now. There are laws against certain animals being a pet in your home in New York State. Legally, these are the ones you can have:

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Of course, there are a list of animals that are illegal as well:

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