Have you ever wanted to have your name in history forever? You could customize your own message and share it with the world.

Not only would an area in the Hudson Valley hold your memory but it would be on historic grounds in Sullivan County.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts offers a chance to customize your very own paver. 

Have you ever been to Bethel Woods before? Before entering the concert or venue, you walk along a path that has customized pavers the entire way through. I always thought to myself how neat it would be to have my name on there.

Now that I know that this is an option, I had to pass the message along. You could share one of your favorite quotes, honor someone you care about or give it as a gift for a special cause.

This is also tax-deductible and helps Bethel Woods continue to spread love and peace. With the holidays approaching, this would be a nice surprise as a gift for someone or to a couple.

Find out more about this here.

If you're wondering where else you can customize your own message in the Hudson Valley, find out more below. Here are gifts that you can personalize for the holiday season.

Hudson Valley Goldsmith, New Paltz

Write your own personalized message for someone special. The holidays are the perfect time to show how much you care.

Find out more here.

Jacuterie, Hudson Valley

Choose from a selection of their salami sampler boxes. Personally, I would love to receive my favorite snack or goodie as a holiday present. You could send a personalized message as well.

Find out more here.

Etched in Time Personalized Gifts, Warwick

This shop offers engraving, photo frames, cutting boards, and more. Make it personal this holiday season and homemade from the Hudson Valley.

Find out more here.

What's your favorite personalized or customized gift that you've received? My friend got me a necklace in memory of my cat, Noah who passed away. Share your experience with us below.

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