If you live on the west bank of the Hudson River there is a good chance you are really familiar with the CSX trains. They have a very regular schedule up and down the westside tracks day and night.

Often you will see people sitting at spots along the tracks with cameras and chairs. I regularly cross CSX tracks in Ulster County and I have lost track of how many times I have seen someone train spotting.

911 First Responder Locomotive Spotted in Ulster County, New York

Esopus Fire Department / Doug Lewis
Esopus Fire Department / Doug Lewis

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Recently a member of the Esopus Fire Department got a real treat by watching the tracks. Doug Lewis was not only able to see the locomotive but also was able to grab a photo of one of the CSX Commemorative Locomotives. These are specially painted train engines that honor and commemorate various groups and events. CSX has them all over the country.

CSX Pays Tribute by Creating Commemorative Locomotives [WATCH]

The one that passed through Ulster County and went right by the Esopus Fire House was the Locomotive designed to honor 911 First Responders. It doesn't appear that CSX posts a regular schedule of where and when you can see these moving tributes. But according to the video I shared above they do keep them in regular rotation.

So next time you are waiting at a CSX crossing in the Hudson Valley see if you can spot one of these special locomotives.

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