Cool things might be happening at your bird feeder. Do you have crows at your house? Have they ever left you presents? Apparently crows have been leaving gifts for a girl named Gabby in Seattle who has been feeding them at her bird feeders. Watch the CBS news story below to see what they have brought her and her family.



Even if you don't have them at your house you must have seen them in the evening around the river. Many a nights when I cross the mid-Hudson Bridge the trees are full of them and I have often wondered what are they doing?. They fly in from everywhere, land in the trees and then go somewhere for the night.

Poughkeepsie Crows

More and more scientists are study the Crow, even the government has taken notice of the crow. I have always thought the were fascinating birds. Crow lore is rich in many cultures. In Celtic mythology Morrighan the warrior goddess of is believed to have transformed or appear as a crow. And I once was told that certain Native American tribes believe that crows are our dead relatives visiting us daily. It seems all the mystery surrounding the crow is not unfounded. There is a lot we don't know about the crow. We are just starting to realize that they are amazing birds who are highly evolved.

The crow is one of only a few animals. including humans that not only uses tools but can make tools. We now know that crows can learn processes. They even recognize faces and will pass information down generations. A form of story telling. If you want to learn more watch the PBS special below. What they learned about crows will astound you.

PBS Nature "A Murder of Crows"


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