When you did something bad how did mom punish you?

Every parent has a different way of disciplining their kids. How did you get disciplined as a kid? The wooden spoon was a big part of my life from like 9-16 years old. That thing hurt!

One of the worst things I did when I was younger was I tried smoking and got caught. I'll never forget it because the punishment is still fresh in my mind.

I was like 12 years old and me and my friend Charlie decided that it would be a good idea for us to steal a pack of cigarettes from his Dad and try out smoking.

So after we swiped the pack from his dad we headed into the woods near Charlies house and proceeded to light up. We smoked one cigarette after another and as I was getting ready to light another one, I turned around and Charlies Mom was standing there just staring at us. BUSTED!! She started screaming at us, she told Charlie to go home and told me that I had a choice, either I tell my mom what we did or she would tell her.

I went home and went right to my room and thought about telling my mom. I was in my room for like an hour when the phone rang, I ran downstairs to get it but my mom beat me to it. She answered it and it was Charlies mom. So as my mom was trying to talk to her I kept interrupting her by saying mom I have to tell you something and after a few interruptions she was like WHAT?

So I told her that I smoked and Charlies mom caught us. She freaked out and told me to go to my room as her and my dad would figure out what my punishment should be.

I sat in my room for what felt like 2 days when they called me downstairs and told me to go outside. I go outside and my dad has a bucket, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

He tells me to put the bucket over my head and light a cigarette. They made me smoke the whole pack with a buckets over my head. Talk about a headache. It was the worst but it worked I didn't pick up another cig until I was in my twenties.

Did your parents ever come up with a creative way to punish you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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