In the wake of yesterday's tragic bus accident in the Town of Wawayanda in Orange County, New York yesterday many things are coming to light. Ideas and requests that may have been pushed to a back burner are coming forward once again for consideration.

There is no doubt that the emergency responders and officials arrived at yesterday's (September 21, 2023) crash site on Route 84 in Orange County in record time. Many organizations from all over the Wawayanda area including Middletown, New Hampton, Slate Hill plus countless others were able to access the crash scene and render help to the victims quickly.

Town of Wawayanda Wants a Crash Gate to Access Route 84

Many things will be considered as a result of the accident that happened yesterday involving a chartered bus of students and adults from Farmingdale High School headed to a weekend camp. One topic that has surfaced may involve something you have never given any thought to while driving our Hudson Valley highways. They are called crash gates.

Map of the Town Of Wawayanda Including Route 84

Town of Wawayanda via Google
Town of Wawayanda via Google

Take a moment and think about the last time you saw one. Did you even know what it was? The lone gate seemingly in the middle of nowhere blocks a road that leads from the edge of the highway to some place hidden back behind the woods or whatever else many line the edge of the road.

What is a Crash Gate on a Highway in New York

Next time you are on a stretch of highway in what seems to be an area where nothing exists see if you can spot one of these gated back roads. What they are is access to the highway for emergency vehicles and services in that area. You might spot them between long exits on highways with no rest areas. Often these gates stand all by themselves in the woods or along farmland.

The Town of Wawayanda Supervisor, Denise F. Quinn issued a statement today regarding yesterday's accident. She stated that the town was praying for all affected by yesterday's tragic accident. She also expressed the town's gratitude towards everyone who helped at the accident site. She included the statement " Waywayanda may be a small town but the training, readiness, and professionalism of our fire departments is second to none."

Town of Wawayanda Notice 9-22-2023 via Facebook
Town of Wawayanda Notice 9-22-2023 via Facebook

Supervisor Quinn then went on to explain that in order to get to accidents on Route 84 in their Zone they must leave their zone enter the highway outside of their zone and then travel back to their zone due to the fact they have no "crash gate" or access in the zone designated for their response.

Town of Wawayanda Asks for Help Getting Crash Gate Installed in New York

Apparently, they have asked for access via a crash gate for years and are hoping that this accident can revive the conversation. Supervisor Quinn is asking that anyone who sees her notice which she shared on the Town of Wawayanda Facebook page, reach out to their local assemblyperson and Senator and ask that Slate Hill Fire Department's request be fulfilled.

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