County Fair Season is ready to kick off and being safe will ensure everyone has fun and a happy memory of their trip to the fair be it the first or the 51st.

Some safety tips may seem obvious and that is why it is good to have a reminder. Sometimes the familiarity of an event like an annual visit to a county fair can have us letting our guard down.

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Allied Universal known as North America's leading security and facility services company put together a list they hope all of us will use this summer at our county fairs. The list is full of common sense ideas but still, we may forget one or two.

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The 7 Safety Tips Are ..... (And again so simple you might overlook one)

1. Share Your Location Checkin'

2. Keep Cash and Important Information with You

3. Use the Buddy System Always go somewhere with at least one friend or family member.

Ulster County Fair via Facebook
Ulster County Fair via Facebook

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4. Hydrate and Wear Sun Protection Heat stroke and melanoma know no age. Take SPF and water with you.

5. Beware of Surroundings and Belongings Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

6. Keep an Eye on Youngsters Always keep one point of contact with little ones.

7. Practice Good Hygiene Fairs are breeding grounds for the spread of germs.

If I were going to add to this list the only thing I see missing is what I call the Body Check. My husband and I do this at the casino. about once an hour try locating each other for a visual check-in. Also always plan a place to meet in case of some type of public or weather emergency. For instance, if a storm rolls through plan an indoor venue for a check-in.

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