I wanted to share with you some amazing country songs that make me proud to be American. Proud to be the daughter of an infantry man who was a West Point grad. But most importantly proud of all the men and woman who have served our country proudly. This Memorial Day weekend with everything we have going on in the world right now let's not forget to take a moment to remember all who served and didn't make it back home. Be Sure to look at the photos of the Arlington Cemetery Flag Placing ceremony that took place this week.

'Til the Last Shot's Fired - Trace Adkins - His performance at the Academy of Country Music awards when he did this song with the West Point Glee Club was amazing but nothing could hold a candle to seeing Trace perform it live at West Point in October of 2009 with The West Point Glee Club at Eisenhower Hall. This video was made for that performance by a West Point Cadet. Being there that night at West Point to see this live was the most magical concert moment I have ever experienced.

If You're Reading This - Tim McGraw - Tim performed this at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May of 2007 and it powerful message made it a proud song for country radio stations to play and by November of that year it became Tim's 42nd top ten song. It is an amazing musical tribute to all our fallen service men and women

Courtesy Of the Red White and Blue - Toby Keith from 2002 - This video is so amazing. It is a great tribute to the men and women who have served this country proudly and sacrificed everything for freedom.

Riding with Private Malone - David Ball - The video below was actually loaded by Thom Shepherd one of the two songwriters and in the comments he shares how it was released just weeks before 9/11, August of 2001. This song always stuck with me because of my age and the fact that it is written about a time when my Dad and other were in Vietnam. Fortunately my Dad made it back but so many did not.

50,000 Names Carved in the Wall - George Jones - A song that pays tribute to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall. If you have never been to Washington DC to see it in person you must make the trip.

May your Memorial Day be a safe one and please take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers and all who have served our country bravely.

Arlington National Cemetery May 21 2020 Placing Flags

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