The bodies are not even cold yet and they are already announcing some future plans for the old Bed, Bath & Beyond locations.

For many people, Bed Bath & Beyond was a go-to store for home appliances, decorations and accessories. Earlier this year, Bed Bath & Beyond began closing 87 locations, including stores in the Hudson Valley.

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Just days after your last chance to cash in on those gift cards, we are already seeing reports about what is taking over the space in the old retailer. Old stores might be making way for an indoor spot to house one of the fastest-growing sports in America.

What is pickleball and why could it be taking over old Bed, Bath & Beyond locations?

Pickleball is a paddle sport described as a hybrid between tennis and badminton. Many critics have complained about the annoying sound the ball makes when it is hit due to being hard plastic.

Pickeball - Mixed Doubles Play

Some of us had never heard of pickleball before the COVID-19 pandemic but the popular paddle sport that's typically played outdoors received a lot more traction once gyms closed and people craved outdoor activity. According to The Sun, players of the sport increased by over 150% during that time.

The Sun also reports that pickleball clubs are buying retail space at dying malls to build indoor courts. Some of them have already moved into former Bed Bath & Beyond stores. Could we see this trend coming to Upstate New York soon?

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