We have a new member of the Wolf family!

After many months of debate inside my rather large head, I with the help of my kids, have come to the decision that I needed to get a new puppy ASAP! We have talked and talked about it for over a year now and I'm happy to tell you that we pulled the trigger yesterday and picked up or new best friend.

Let us introduce you to our newly adopted puppy, SMALLS!!!!

CJ McIntyre
CJ McIntyre

I can't tell how happy we are to welcome him to our family and for me, he is exactly what I've been looking for. If you don't know my story, I've had a pup before, my OG, Dallas who is still going strong, living with my youngest kids Jackson and Julianna but since I got divorced a few years ago I've been searching for the same type of pup that Dallas was and I'm beyond excited that I think I've found him.

So if I sound a bit sleep deprived for the next few weeks and months, you now know why...LOL! I also want to extend my apologies to my neighbors in advance for the noise that I'm assuming will be screaming out of my apartment in the next few weeks, months and years!

I will also now be taking training suggestions anytime because I'm pretty lost when it comes to having rules in my house, so if you know anything about training puppies feel free to shoot me a message anytime and NO I don't need a dog sitter yet but when I do Jess has already offered up her time...LOL!

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