If you live in and around the Hudson Valley at one time or another you've found yourself driving on the Taconic State Parkway.

Most of us have a story about the Taconic, with most stories not being good one. Some stories we've heard mostly start or end with how much people from the Valley hate driving on it. It did earn the title of "The Most Dangerous Road in New York State in 2016."

Some complaints we heard from drivers include, how everyone that drives along it, has to drive 100 miles an hour like their in a race, we heard how it's to narrow in both directions and the most popular response was from people who said it's the scariest road to drive on at night.

If you drive, or have driven on the Taconic, do you mind it? Or, do you have a brain scar like me, with a not so good memory from diving on it. Whatever it might be, text it to me through the Wolf mobile app.

My scariest memory driving on the Taconic came courteous of my now past Grandma, who would drive us from Long Island up to the Catskills on weekends. At the time she was in her early 70's and drove a 1980 something Caprice Classic. The car was like driving in a 747 airplane, it was HUGE and it barley fit into one lane.

Add my grandma driving 75 M.P.H., weaving in and out of lanes without a care in the world. (Oh, did I mention she wasn't even 5 feet tall and could barely see over the dashboard.) The only care I had back then was if we were going to make it or not, I think one time I held my breath from Mahopac to Poughkeepsie. Good times!

I remember asking her, no wait BEGGING her, to please take the New York State Thruway every time we headed Upstate. She refused to pay a toll to drive on a road and that's why we had to take the Taconic every time. Yeah, she was quite frugal! LOL. I think I even offered to pay the tolls with my tooth fairy money a few times. NOPE, she wouldn't take it!

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