At the end of last week the Wolf crew was invited out to Northern Dutchess Archery and Sportsman Supply in Red Hook. Joe the Pro Who Knows and the rest of the Northern Dutchess Archery crew will be on hand at the North East Outdoor Sports Show at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds this May.

After getting a few practice shots in, CJ, myself and Beth were feeling pretty good about ourselves. And me being the competitive person I am, just had to get a wager in there at some point. I had just gotten an bullseye and hit the apple on one of my first tries, so I suggested to CJ a "Facebook Roulette" challenge. First person to hit the apple will get to post whatever they want on the losers personal Facebook page. Watch the video below to see how we fare:

I always seem to jinx myself when it comes to making bets. I guess it's a sign I should stop. In the meantime, stay tuned for the results of Facebook Roulette.

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