Do you have one in your bedroom?

My friends Billy and Sue moved into their new house late last year, and because of COVID and everything else going on the world they weren't able to have any sort of house warming party. Instead of a party, they invited me over last weekend for dinner and a tour of their new house.

When I got there they started to give me the first visit tour, you know the one, where you go into every room in the house, and get a description of everything that's in it....LOL! Place was gorgeous!! It got a little weird when Billy showed me their master bedroom, it was HUGE and the one thing I noticed was there was no TV anywhere. SO I asked him where it was and he said Sue REFUSES to have one in the bedroom. He said he begged her and she won't budge on it.

As we were eating dinner I said to her that I thought it was weird that they didn't have one in the bedroom and she said, "We have better things to do in there than watch any TV!" Great point and yes now I'm a bit jealous...LOL!

Am I alone thinking that not having a TV in the bedroom is weird? Call or text us through the Wolf app. The Hudson Valley had a lot to say about this!

Does the Hudson Valley Have TV's in the Bedroom?

The Hudson Valley answers the TV in the bedroom question.

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