My good luck streak is over.

I have mentioned a few times over the last couple of years how proud I was of myself that I haven't gotten a ticket in 5 years. Yes I have been pulled over but never got a ticket.

Well it's a sad day as my streak has come to an end and it hurts me to say it, it went out with a big one.

Yesterday after we got done with the radio show, I was telling Jess that I was thinking of heading to IKEA in New Jersey to buy a new bed frame for my apartment. I got a new mattress a few months ago and it's been on the floor in my bedroom since then and I really needed to get it off the floor so off to New Jersey I went.

I'm cruising along on the New York State Thruway down past the Newburgh exit when it happened. I went to take a drink of coffee and looked down and when I looked up BOOM, trooper in the no u turn area, I looked at my speedometer at was going 75 MPH.

Once I passed the trooper, I started praying, "Please don't pull out, Pretty please!!!" Didn't work, he pulled out and pulled me over and gave me the speeding ticket.

Yes I was speeding, so I'll pay the fine and take it like a man. Only question I have is when you get a ticket from a trooper, do they ever reduce the ticket to something else?

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