We all say it all the time, "I'm getting old!" Admit it you've said it before but are you really getting old?

It official I am. First it was me growing out my beard a few months back for no shave November and realizing that half of my beard was gray.

Now the eyesight is going. I've had to wear glasses for the last 15 years when I drive because everything far away is blurry. I'm far sighted, or is it near sighted?

Well over the last few days things that used to be clear, have now gone blurry including all the computer screens in the studio. So after I brought this up on the show, I decided to run out and grab my glasses from my truck and try them out in studio, to see (no pun intended), if they would clear things up.

Well as I type this everything is crystal clear and I CAN SEE, but Jess is making fun of me.

Here is what i look like in glasses....

Do I look smarter? Or like a nerd as Jess has said repeatedly!!

I'm going with NERD!

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