I am a man of my word!

If you missed it this morning on the CJ in the morning show, we played a round of "Full of It". The game we play every Thursday morning, where both Jess and I give you one statement about ourselves, one of us is being honest and the other is "Full Of It".

On today's episode Jess told us that she once got kicked out of a bar for dancing on a table, and I told you that when I was younger, I took lessons to learn how to break dance.

If you guessed that Jess was full of it, you'd be right, she never got kicked out of a bar for dancing on a table, but has been escorted out of a few bars for being to loud..lol.

Yes when I was younger (like 11 years old) and living in Long Island, I begged my mom to sign me up for break dancing lessons at the local dance studio. She signed me up and I took like 7 or 8 lessons that taught me how to spin on my back and to "Pop and Lock".

I don't really remember how to do any of the moves that they taught me but Jess dared me to show off some of what I do remember and you know what happens when she dares me to do something...I DO IT....

Just awful!!! I'm sorry for subjecting you to that...LOL!

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