I'm always up for a good challenge and I think this is one that CJ and I can successfully complete.

Throughout the tail end of the school year all we seemed to hear about were fidget spinners. Kids tried to convince their teachers that it helped them concentrate and pay attention in class. Listen, I'm a fidgety person and have terrible anxiety so I understand. But anytime I play with a fidget spinner I'm 10 times more distract. I digress.

Needless to say fidget spinner is everywhere. Even in the country music community. Dan + Shay, who are currently touring the U.S, use fidget spinners to pass time on the bus while traveling. They have inspired me to bring a team building like exercise to the CJ in the Morning Show. The Fidget Toss. Watch Dan+Shay successfully complete the toss this passed weekend:

Looks easy enough. Can CJ and I complete the toss with out issue? Find out below.

Bonus Video

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