Now, I'm not calling myself an expert. However, I am well versed when it comes to desserts in and around the Hudson Valley area.

Personally, churros are my favorite dessert of all time. I've had them from places like Eddie's Churro Factory food truck and Flores Tapas Bar in Wappingers (which were covered in Nutella). Hudson Taco makes a pretty great churro as well, which is accompanied with local jams and a divine chocolate dipping sauce.

If churros are on the menu, I'm getting them.

Besides getting churros from a food truck, I haven't seen a fast food churro option. Until today.

FoodBeast.Com is reporting that they have found a Chipotle location that is currently testing out mini churros. Unfortunately, it's not in the Hudson Valley...yet. But they make it sound like it could be in the near future.

According to FoodBeast, Chipotle Churros have been tested out in the Irvine, California area. These mini churros are vegan and "dusted in sugar and a blend of Indonesian and Vietnamese cinnamon."

My mouth is watering.

So will we be getting a taste test in the Hudson Valley? As of Monday, May 24th...No. We called the Fishkill Chipotle location and they told us "No we don't have churros." When asked if they think they'll be getting them in the future, they answered with a laugh "Probably not."

So my churro loving heart is a little broken, but there is always hope.

Would you try mini churros from Chipotle? Have you seen them in the Hudson Valley? Share the knowledge and let us know where!

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