Carrie Underwood's 2016 Storyteller Tour is opening it's pages this Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. I know I'm upset about the fact that Carrie wont be making a stop in the New York area this time around. But, I digress.

We all know Carrie is probably one of the most in shape country artist. I have serious leg envy every time I see Carrie Underwood perform. You know from just looking at her that she spends lots of time in the gym. So how does one fit working out and staying in shape into their busy tour schedule?

They get a mobile gym of course!

Carrie shared a picture of her new mobile gym on Instagram yesterday. If I could, I'd get a membership. Look how cool it looks!

However, you would have to probably work out alone, looks a little small. I'm going to try and follow Carrie's #ShreddedBySummer motto too, all I need now is my own personal gym and workout clothing line.