She is one of the few female heart surgeons in the world and she grew up locally in the Hudson Valley. NBC found her story so compelling they launched a new TV show based on her life.

Actress Melissa George plays Dr. Kathy Magliato in the new medical drama 'Heartbeat'. Dr. Magliato continues her work as a surgeon and speaker in real life, but also serves as an executive producer on the show. According to her Facebook page, she graduated from Highland High School and spent the next 17 years training to be a surgeon.

The show itself is based on Dr. Magliato's book, 'Heart Matters: A Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon'. The book offers a behind the scenes look at what really happens in the operating room as well as her experience juggling a career with a husband and two kids.

You can watch 'Heartbeat' Wednesdays at 8pm on NBC.