Carrie Underwood always seems cool, calm and collected. Even when she is touring like crazy, which she is currently on her sold out "Storyteller" tour. When she's not touring she's toting on her adorable son Isaiah, promoting her work out clothing line and calling out a man for bullying her personal trainer.

Carrie's personal trainer also happens to be a good friend. Her name is Erin Opera and she, like Carrie, has to find time in a busy schedule to work out. So Erin brought a jump rope to her sons soccer game and got in a little workout. Of course someone had something to say about it. A man actually took a photo of Erin working out and posted it to Facebook. Well Erin, and Carrie, turned the tables.

These ladies are so inspiring. Because, yes it can be uncomfortable working out with others around. But Erin didn't do anything wrong, she was just trying to keep active I think it's a bit ridiculous that the man took her picture and posted in on Facebook.

I'm sure he regrets it now, having Carrie Underwood against you can't be a great feeling.