What happens when you use your cell phone as a baseball bat?

You would think it's probably not a good idea to try this, especially if you value your phone.

Leave it to us to see what happens when you smack a few balls with my iPhone. Let me introduce you to CELLBALL..........

Yes these are the things that Jess and I do to entertain ourselves after the show is over and again please, if you love your phone, don't try to do this because since we used my phone as a bat its been acting funky!

Hopefully this gets you a little excited for the new baseball season that started over the weekend for the Yankees as they lost to the Rays. They will play again today.

The 2017 season started for my Mets yesterday, as the beat up on the Atlanta Braves 6-0. I try not to be a jinx, but I think if the Mets stay healthy, this could be the year they bring home the World Series trophy.

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