You may or may not know that today is "Fat Tuesday". A day celebrated for it's fun and decadence all over the United States but mostly in New Orleans. It is the Tuesday each year before Ash Wednesday. It marks the last day before "Lent" begins in the Catholic faith. It is a day set aside for parades, floats and parties, because the following day all of that goes on hold until after Easter. Even non-Catholics use Lent as a time to re-boot. Many people will give up a habit or behavior for the period between Lent and Easter, so much so that even twitter has tracked tweets about Lent. Click here to see what people give up most.

In honor of Fat Tuesday I thought I would share one of my favorite old videos from one of my favorite New Orleans Chef the late Paul Prudhomme. It is Louisiana 101 a' la Paul with his Jambalaya, Blacken Prime Rib and Gumbo . He gives a history lesson and makes you hungry. Paul could cook a shoe and make it taste good. The cash iron pot and pan is key by the way, enjoy!

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