The former Catskills resort was once a popular place to visit, it was even featured on a big television series and there's some new hope for its future.

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I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I recently only saw 'Dirty Dancing' for the first time this summer. It started a fascination within me about the whole summer resort concept, bungalow communities, and how people would come to certain parts of New York and enjoy a beautiful summer by a lake. I know 'Dirty Dancing' was not filmed in the Catskills, but that concept was once alive and well in the area.

I'm from Connecticut, so I never saw anything like this because Connecticut is not a top destination spot for summer travel. The idea that people would come and stay was pretty foreign to me. I'm a total summer girl and I get really sad when the summer season comes to an end. When you see pictures on Facebook of places like these resorts closed down for the season and when you see that the resorts have closed down for good, it is sad!

A lot of the resorts have closed and are just sitting there abandoned. You can get lost on Facebook looking at the once bustling Catskill resorts and see how they haven't been kept up and there aren't really plans to bring them back up to what they once were. Many people say when travel started to become more available to people they took advantage of that and these summer places lost their appeal.

Unfortunately, one resort did have to close their doors for good, but they are making the best out of a tough situation and even have plans for a comeback...with some help.

Resort in Oquaga Lake, NY Announces Closure

Scott's Family Resort is located at 591 Oquaga Lake in Deposit, NY. The resort has been providing vacation fun since 1869. Sadly, the resort was sold 2 1/2 years ago and has been sitting there ever since. If you look at some of the Facebook comments you can tell how people really enjoyed coming to the resort and how many great memories they have. 

I reached out to the family who owned Scott's and they mentioned how they have recently renovated The Farmhouse that was part of Scott's property for over 100 years. The good news is that Scott's Farmhouse at Oquaga Lake is open and ready for people to come and visit. If you used to go to Scott's Family Resort, staying at The Farmhouse is a great way to still see the area and feel connected to Scott's.

Some really cool things about Scott's Family Resort was it was featured on the very popular show the 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.' I have to be honest, now I want to watch the show just to see the resort lol.

The family also mentioned that the new owners of Scott's Family Resort said they are going to start working on it and get it ready for guests again.

Good luck to everyone involved and we can't wait to hear more.

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