Hopefully you are fortunate enough to have items that were past down through the generations of your family. A family heirloom is special not just because of it's age, but also the story behind the keepsake often keeps the person it belonged to attached to the next generation. That's why when something like that is misplaced or worst stolen we all are ready to jump in and help return it to it's rightful owner.

The Catskills Police Department is hoping you can help them find a family heirloom that has been reported stolen. They want anyone who might have information on a stolen war medal to please contact them. The metal was awarded to J. Robert Raven, the name is engraved on the back. He was the robbery victim's father and received the medal as a member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and served in the Spanish Civil War. The medal was received by the robbery victim's father shortly after he was severely wound in 1937 during the war.

The medal is described as gold in color and depicts Abraham Lincoln with his hands on the soldier shoulders. The back of the medal is engraved with the name J. Robert Raven. The Catskill Police Department is asking for it to be returned, no questions asked if the medal is returned to the Catskill Police Department. All information about the medals whereabouts will be kept confidential.

If you have information please contact Detective Deitz at (518) 943-2244.


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