According to the Washington Post this weekend you can experience a show in the sky. Tonight, as long as the weather holds up, you could be able to experience an handful of lunar activity. Plan your night accordingly, on tonight's sky schedule you will see a full moon, lunar eclipse and a green comet.

Mykhailo Shcherbyna

Taking a look at the National Weather Service website, it looks like the Hudson Valley will see some cloud coverage tonight along with some snow showers and cold temperatures. Starting at 5:30PM tonight the full moon will come above the horizon and around 6:14pm we will start to see the grey shading of the lunar eclipse. I'm really hoping the clouds move out much later on so I can catch a glimpse of " Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusáková"." According to the report the comet will be visible around 10:30pm. However, the comet will not be visible by the naked eye, you'll need to get binoculars or a telescope to catch a glimpse. If you happen to catch it, make sure to notice the pale green detail.

Weather permitting the Hudson Valley will have some built in entertainment just by looking in the sky.

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