Carrie Underwood is a model case study for balancing work and family. The singer brought her own family out on the road for her Cry Pretty 360 Tour, including 4-year-old Isaiah and baby Jacob (who was born in January), and she's been doing a bang-up job incorporating her two worlds into one.

The latest case in point comes from a shot shared on her Instagram, in which Isaiah is adorably "helping" his mom out pre-show by testing out a mic. The little boy seems totally comfortable with both the stage and the mic, as his mom looks on beaming with delight.

"Had some extra special help with sound check today," Underwood wrote. "Tonight's show is bound to sound amazing!" Her band can be seen smiling in the background, too, at the cute scene.

Underwood has also incorporated her husband, Mike Fisher, into the touring routine, having posted a shot of the couple enjoying some couple time—well, their idea of couple time—namely, getting in their fitness with a dual workout while on the road. Underwood explained that it's actually easier to work out while she's touring, since she doesn't have to take care of household business.

Underwood continues on the Cry Pretty Tour with Maddie & Tae and Runaway June through October.

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