Father's Day is this Sunday as you may or may not know.  As a new dad, I'm excited about it.  I can't speak for all dads but I'm pretty sure that most of them are excited for it as well.

I remember always trying to get a nice gift for my dad and then, as I grew into adult hood I realized that it wasn't a gift that he wanted.  My dad wanted time with me.  We would go to a car show or for pizza, wings and beer or a motorcycle ride with just the 2 of us and stop for lunch.  I'd pay and he would get the biggest smile on his face.

This Father's Day, skip the tie or tools and just do something with your dad.  If he's into baseball and you aren't, go out of your comfort zone and take him to a game.  Go look at trucks and cars with him. Take in a movie and grab some food.  Put your phone away and make it just about he and you.

Don't get me wrong, guys love tools and I'm sure dad would be very happy if you got him some but to dad, your time is more valuable than anything to him.

My father in law likes to fish but I'm not a fan.  We're surprising him with fishing licenses and some gear to take him this summer.

Sometimes, it's the little things.

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