Whether you're prepping your turkey meal for tomorrow or baking for the masses, one thing is for certain...Thanksgiving is definitely here. Back in the day I would be waking up on Thanksgiving morning and turning on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and as I got older I would be waking up feeling the repercussions of "Thanksgiving Eve" night out.

This year, I'll be enjoying a nice relaxing morning (maybe I'll get in a run for our "Fit-bit Bit Challenge"). Carrie Underwood however, will be heading out to a big breakfast with her family.

Carrie has been quoted as saying her and the fam will "get up and go to Waffle House. It's such a hectic time, and I don't feel like making breakfast on a day that you're making so much food anyway. So we order breakfast and leave a ginormous tip."

It stinks that places like the Waffle House are open on Thanksgiving, but having Carrie Underwood as a guest and that ginormous tip doesn't sound too bad.

And don't worry, Ms Underwood will be able to work off the extra Thanksgiving calories with this new workout routine: baby squats.