Do schools in the Hudson Valley still teach cursive handwriting?

This morning we did our early morning brain stimulator, like we do every weekday morning. The question was "Only 16% of college students possess this skill. What is it?" We gave you the clue, older adults know how to do it. The correct answer was write in cursive and that got me thinking, do kids still learn how to write in cursive?

I know that when my wife and I moved my daughter Julianna from public school to private school in the 4th grade, she had no idea what cursive writing even was. When she started the 4th grade in private school she had to learn how to write in cursive really quick and did a great job learning it.

I still to this day have a hard time writing anything in cursive, Jess says that she is alright at it. Let see how well we can write in cursive....

We are both pretty bad at it. How about you, can you write in cursive? Do they still teach kids how to write in cursive in schools here in the Hudson Valley? Let us know on Facebook or in the comment section below.

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