This is some of the best "artwork" we've ever seen!

If you own a car you already know that once a year you have to take a trip to your local mechanic to have your car inspected. If your car passes the inspection the auto shop will issue you a colored sticker that is placed on your windshield to show that the car has passed. If you don't have an inspection sticker on your car you can be pulled over by police and issued a ticket.

One New York driver decided that instead of getting their car inspected this year they would turn the inspection sticker into an art project instead. According to the Mechanicville Police Department Facebook page, this hand-drawn "inspection sticker" was recovered during a traffic stop in the Saratoga County city of Mechanicville.

Mechanicville Police Department/Facebook
Mechanicville Police Department/Facebook

After posting the picture of the fake sticker the police department did want to remind all drivers that it's really important to make sure all vehicles are properly inspected. Some of the comments on the post were pretty good as well with some posting that the police should have let the driver that took the time to draw the fake go without a ticket, Carl wrote, "You better have let them walk on the inspection ticket just because it’s that funny."

One comment also pointed out that the "artist" forgot one important thing, "Psht, would have been more convincing if they hole-punched an inspection month." Agreed that would have been more convincing but one thing you might not know is that if the police "run" your license plates that can already see if your car has been inspected or not so a fake sticker won't help you.

I know that the yearly trip to get an inspection is a pain in the butt but it is important to make sure that every car on the road is maintained the right way, it just makes us all safer while driving around the Hudson Valley.

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