Day number one at the Taste of Country Music Festival has been great.

It all started with Jess and I doing the our show live at the Krooked Cafe in Tannersville and then moving over to the kick off party at Roni Macgreagors Pub near the entrance to Hunter Mountain.

I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and seeing us at some point. We gave away a ton of Wolf TOC t-shirts and met so many great people and cant wait to meet more today as we get ready for day number 2.

Once we finally made it up onto the mountain, I wanted to see how giving and into the sharing mood everybody was.

What better way to find out, then to randomly approach them and ask if they would share whatever food or drinks they had.

Did I get any food? Take a look....


94.3/97.3 The Wolf at Taste of Country 2016


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