Would you ever let someone in your house to use the bathroom? It happened to a fan of the show and he's pretty upset about it!!

One theme on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show is that we help when we can. No matter what the issue is, we will do whatever we can to try and help you out. In this case I think we are trying to calm Brian down and stop him and his wife from arguing. Brian texted us through the Wolf app his problem. He wrote,

"We ordered pizza and wings back on Saturday night. When the delivery guy got to our house my wife answered and started to talk to the guy. I heard her making small talk. Then I heard her say "Sure you can use it! It’s down the hall on the right." I came out of the living room and I see our delivery driver walking down our hallway looking for the bathroom. I went to my wife and was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? We don’t even know him! Who knows what kind of person he is. We have 2 kids, and she just let this guy in. She said that she felt a good vibe from him, and I was making something over nothing. She said more people need to be like her. She said they world would be a better place. Am I overreacting? Would you let a total stranger use your bathroom?"

Both Jess and I agreed that in todays world its definitely not recommended to let anyone you don't know inside your house, NO MATTER WHAT! This sounds like the beginning of a crime show that goes extremely wrong.

How would you handle a situation like this? We got a bunch of text messages that all say pretty much the same thing, "No stranger can use my bathroom!!!" Would it matter if the driver was a female? Matt from High Falls texted us, "Male or female, no one blows my bathroom up but me!" Well said my friend!

If you ever need help like Brian winning an argument in your house, please text us through the Wolf app anytime.

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