What do you really know about butterflies? We know they start out as caterpillars and then along the way they morph into these beautiful creatures with wings but there is so much more to the life of these winged marvels.

The Hudson Highland Nature Museum (HHNM) has an event scheduled on September 10th, 2022, that would answer a lot of our questions. It would also give all of us butterfly enthusiasts a reason to find out more and spend some time within a butterfly experience.

Learn About Monarch Butterflies in Cornwall, New York


Butterfly Day at the Hudson Highland Nature Museum in Cornwall, New York is an opportunity for us to join museum educators and learn more about butterflies, moths, and of course caterpillars. Saturday, September 10th from 10 AM to 3:30 PM you can attend this special day dedicated to the Butterfly.

Registration is required in advance and when you register you will be asked to reserve a half-hour time slot to be able to enter the BUtter Fly Tent. Keep in mind if you are a Monarch fan the Monarch tagging happens at 12 PM and 3 PM. The fee for HHNM members is $8 and that is for ages 3 and up. Non-member tickets are $12. All children under 3 are free.

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There will be activities including games, sweep netting, a caterpillar station, plus crafts, and more.  This HHNM event will be held in Cornwall at 120 Muser Drive across from 174 Angola Road. For information, you can call (845) 534-5506.


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