There continues to be a school bus driver shortage in New York State. What does that mean? It means there are a lot of jobs that need to be filled, which could pay you some pretty decent money.

What do you need to know or what are the requirements in New York State to be a school bus driver and how do you get those requirements? Keep reading to find out.

What does New York State say you need to know to be a school bus driver?


According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, you need a few legal things before you can start to apply for those jobs. You will need a special driver's license to be able to get behind the wheel of one of those 'big ol buses.

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Which driver's license type do you need for school buses in New York State?

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The type(s) of driver's license that you will need is a School Bus “S” endorsement and a Passenger “P” endorsement. You will also need to have a CDL or commercial driver's license. In fact, you will need to start with the CDL and then apply for the Passenger and the School Bus endorsement. Formerly you would have a 14-day waiting period when applying for the CDL with NYS, but they have removed that waiting period restriction.

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So, you have your license, who is hiring School Bus drivers in New York State?

School bus in Duluth, MN
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The best place to start looking for job openings is at your local. There are many school districts in New York that have 'hiring bus driver' banners in front of local schools, starting there. The next stop would be to see if there is a county school bus depot and apply there. Get those license endorsements and then get out there. Good luck!

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