Have you been looking for a new job? Have you thought about working in a role that would help your community? One that will potentially help everyone in the State of New York?

There is a job, it lasts two years and it pays pretty well, ok, pretty decent. The job is for New York State as a fellow. What is a fellow? How can you apply and how much does it pay? Keep reading for all of that info.

What does a New York State Fellow do?

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The Fellowship program that New York State offers is a two-year program that helps to train persons in leadership, and as potential future leaders in New York State. According to a press release from Governor Hochul's office, the job also comes with a decent benefit package. 

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How much does the New York State Fellowship program pay?

Getty Stock / ThinkStock and Debra Millet via canva
Getty Stock / ThinkStock and Debra Millet via canva

The New York State Fellowship program pays $85,000 per year and also comes with benefits. Is guaranteed employment at the end of the fellowship? Not necessarily. At the end of the two years, there will be a performance review to see if you are a good fit for any of the additional full-time openings with the state.

How can you apply to be a New York State Fellow?

Click on this link to get the application and find out more information. The deadline to apply is April 3, 2023.

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