I will preach about bullying all day every day.   Bullying is NEVER OK.  Ever.

I remember being bullied as a child and it was awful.  I was bullied from classmates to family members and anyone in between.

I was always ashamed of who I was and how I looked.   So much so that I would walk with my hands in my back pockets to make sure my but didn't shake.

I could go on and on about me but this isn't about me.  It's about bullying in general and how we as parents and adults need to do more about it.

There is a video that has gone viral about a 9 year old little boy that was bullied so badly that he was telling his mother that he wanted to kill himself.

This sweet little boy had Dwarfism and the jokes about his height eventually became to much.

You can watch the video HERE but I won't lie, it's hard to watch.

We need to do better as adults.

There is a good outcome to this because comedian Brad Williams, who also has Dwarfism, started a Go Fund me account to send this little boy to Disney and within hours, raised more than enough to do that plus.

We need to do better.


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