A shirt and a pouch of beef jerky have only made our craving for this store to come to the Hudson Valley even worse!

Last month we shared how much we would love to welcome one of the world's best and biggest convenience stores to the Hudson Valley and after we shared how happy we would be to have one we were surprised by a fan.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Buc-ee's Needs to Come to New York

If you've never heard of Buc-ee's before you aren't alone because up until last month, I had never heard of them either, but after seeing them make headlines across the country because they were expanding I had to learn more about why everyone was over the moon about them. After searching I became well aware that not only is Buc-ee's a must-visit if you get a chance but I also learned that most of the Hudson Valley would be more than happy to welcome them to their neighborhoods.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Hudson Valley Towns That Want a Buc-ee's

We revived hundreds of messages from Buc-ee's fans from all over the Hudson Valley, with folks from Kingston, New Paltz, Poughkeepsie, Middletown, and Carmel, to name a few announcing they'd be more than happy to show their support for a Buc-ee's to set up shop. Not knowing much about the Buc-ee's stores we asked anyone who's been if they could tell us why they love them so much and after sifting through all the responses we learned that Buc-ee's has the cleanest bathrooms in the world, a beef jerky section and some of the coolest "merch" available at any store.

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Buc-ee's "Merch"

After "waxing poetic" about their "swag" we had a few fans from the Hudson Valley who heard us talking about Buc-ee's and stopped into one during their travels to grab us a few things. One of those fans was Erin, who told us after she heard us talking about them she went to Tennessee and when she passed one, she had to stop in. She told us that it was the coolest convenience store she ever went to, so good that she had to go back 5 times before she came back to New York. Five times to really experience everything "Buc-ee's"...LOL!

Buc-ee's t-shirts

Erin didn't come back empty-handed as she bought us back a couple of t-shirts and a few Buc-ee's pouches of beef jerky!! Thank you, Erin, not only for the gifts pictured above but for now making us crave a Buc-ee's even more!!!!....LOL! We will continue to keep our fingers crossed that we will get a New York location but until then if you ever stop into one during your travels we wouldn't say no to some more jerky!!!

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