Re purpose your Christmas tree by turning it into the new trend, a Valentine’s Day tree. Decembers loss is February’s gain as the V-Day tree takes over.

My grandma would keep a little tree up all year long and decorate it according to the holidays. We would add small hearts, some red beads and ornaments along with white lights. The Valentine’s Day tree was always my favorite to decorate with her. She was already ahead of the time for sure.

My parents have an antique, silver Christmas tree and I was thinking of adding pink and white ornaments to it to give it a Valentine’s Day theme. Regardless if your tree is real or artificial, it wouldn’t take a lot of time, effort or money to create this idea.

If you still have your real tree up, don’t toss it yet, simply just add V-Day décor. If you already took your tree down, you can purchase an artificial tree and you may even get a discount on the after Christmas sales. Simply add colors of pink, red and white to achieve this holiday tree look.  Try adding some red garland and beads with clear lights and bows to amp it up.

For the office

It seems that this time of year has a lot of gloomy days. Let’s brighten up our space at work with this festive tree. Share this idea with your doctor, dentist, chiropractor and etc. offices as well. Cupid is already out and about looking to shoot his arrow.

For the kids

Kids could have their own tree decorated with candy and classmates cards. Grab a teddy bear to place underneath or at the top of the tree to complete the décor.

For your other half

Make it an ideal date night by creating a Valentine’s Day tree with your other half. Don’t forget sweets for your sweet by leaving Hershey Kisses around the bottom of the tree.

For a friends gathering

Any excuse to have a ladies night is always a good idea. Grab some wine, cheese and chocolate to celebrate Galantine’s Day together. You can also bake heart shaped cookies, leave some to eat and the rest to decorate. You can put a whole in the cookie, string red or pink ribbon through it and add it onto the Valentine’s Day tree.

Do you think Cupid would approve? Share your thoughts, comments and pictures with us below :)

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