Ladies, do you think Blake Shelton can tell the difference between your sundress and your jumpsuit? The country star and fledgling (very fledging) fashionista showcased his garment knowledge in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight's Sophie Schillaci, and spoiler alert, it was an epic fail.

"I like this. This is a summertime — little summertime sundress fashion," Shelton says to Schillaci.

However, when he's quickly corrected that her outfit is technically a jumpsuit, Shelton fumbles through another response: "Oh it is a jumpsuit. I thought it was a — oh I see, it's got legs on it."

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The hilarious fashion encounter ended with the country star admitting he "screwed it all up," before referring to Schillaci's floral jumpsuit pattern as "good garden springtime camo,"

He did note that since girlfriend Gwen Stefani is so into fashion that he's trying to learn, but it looks like he's still got some studying to do!

Outside of his fashion fail, Shelton celebrated his latest No. 1, "God's Country," on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart – his first No. 1 since 2013's "Sure Be Cool If You Did." In the same ET interview, Shelton noted he was on the singles wagon and isn't interested in putting out any more full-length albums.

“I don’t want to put out an album. I really don’t," Shelton tells ET. "I’ll be just as happy to release just another single. I do [have more songs] and I’ve got other stuff that I’m pumped about, but when I think about an album right now I’m like, ‘Do people care about them anymore?’ I don’t know. But I’m having a blast just releasing singles. Maybe I’ll do that from now on.”

Shelton's latest full-length LP was 2017's Texahoma Shore.

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