This Memorial Day, enjoy your BBQ, Beer, parties and friends and remember, it's because of those that gave their life fighting for our country that made it possible.

More than 40% of Americans misunderstand Memorial Day and make it about the Vets, when in reality it's not about them.  That day is Veterans Day.

Thanking a vet for their service on Memorial Day is like bringing a birthday cake to a funeral. OK, maybe not that bad but you get the picture.

Memorial Day was created to honor those from the World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars as well as Desert Storm, etc.

I remember the first time I made the mistake that so many people do and thanked my dad for his service on Memorial Day and he looked at me and said, "what do you want me to have died?" At that point, I realized the difference.

I'm sure we all either know someone that has lost a loved one while serving or has some form of connection.  I was actually fortunate enough to never have lost anyone but I know a very good friend of mine that served in the war had two friends die in the line of duty.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy the holiday but don't say 'happy Memorial Day" because it's not a happy situation.

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