Yes bison hunting and its all legal and you could go and hunt for free.

According to WTEN, the National Park Service is making plans to attempt to reduce the amount of bison that are roaming around at the Grand Canyon and are looking for volunteers to come to the Grand Canyon and hunt the bison.

Volunteer hunters would need to be physically fit and proficient with a gun in order to be considered to go hunting and in one of the scenarios, would require volunteers to be capable of hiking eight miles a day while carrying a 60 pound pack. They would also need to be able to hit a paper plate 200 yards away five times in order to be considered.

The Park Service is currently working out all of the details for the hunt and say that the shooters would be selected through a lottery. The hunters would use non-lead ammunition to protect endangered California condors that feed on gut piles.

All of this is being considered because of the growing population of bison in the area and the negative affects the bison have on the land, including trampling on vegetation and spoiling water resources.

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