Another day, another Bigfoot report here in the Hudson Valley. I'm starting to believe Bigfoot actually has a permanent residence in Dutchess County.

It seems like we can't go every few months without some sort of Bigfoot sighting or encounter in our neck of the woods. Back in April of 2022, there was a reported Bigfoot encounter in the Orange County area.

According to reports, a farmer in the area had told Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley that their horse's hair had been braided. This is allegedly a common act done by bipedal creatures. Noises were also heard in the surrounding area and huge bails of hay had been moved.

Our friends at Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley have come across even more evidence of Bigfoot living in the Mid-Hudson Region.  Earlier this week they shared the below audio recording of alleged Bigfoot vocalizations in Corning New York, and closer to home in Hyde Park.

Check out the clips and let us know what you think:

I'm not sure what I thought Bigfoot would sound like, but it wasn't that. Why was I thinking more of that Chewbacca growl?

Bigfoot is no stranger to Hyde Park. In 2020, a Hyde Park resident reported seeing a large creature crashing through the wooded area near her home where she was gardening. The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley shared the story on social media writing:

After dumping the wheelbarrow, it dropped down which made a loud bang. Suddenly, from approximately 50' away she sees and hears something crashing through the thick vegetation parting the brush towards Her. The creature then jumped in the tree above her, leaving her in shock and disbelief. The creature then began using its arms to swing from tree to tree moving away from her. She described it as very large and moving through the trees like a monkey.

Bigfoot could very well be one of your neighbors in the Hudson Valley. Have you ever had an encounter? Some reports state that Bigfoot has lived in the area for over 50 years. Check out the reports below:

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