With all of the heavy rain we've been getting I thought I had a leak at first. It turns out I had a much more dangerous problem hiding behind my drywall.

We have had some intense and heavy rainfall in the Hudson Valley region over the past couple of weeks. There has been some extreme flooding so when I saw a small water stain on my bedroom ceiling it didn't strike me as odd. I thought for sure I had a roof leak. It was annoying but it didn't seem that out of the ordinary.

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Then I started to notice some dead yellow jackets on my bedroom floor every couple of days. The stain started to get bigger but I still thought it was moisture accumulating. When the exterminator finally arrived I was hit with some crazy news. That stain is definitely from moisture but it's not from rain it is not from any leak.

Massive Bee's Nests Can Be Hiding in the Walls of your Home

They informed me that the moisture was coming from a large bee's nest hiding behind the wall. The stain was soft to the touch. There was even a small crack. Hundred of bees could have come through at any moment. How and why does this even happen? According to Bug Runner, heat from the nest can cause condensation which then can create a stain that can appear as if it came from a leak. If you think you have bees in your home and you see a similar stain do not touch it and call an expert immediately.

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